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Our GSA SERVICES (Global Sales Agent) have been created around thousands of international contacts, which are built on decades of human relationships, base of any business.
We are proud to represent major Hotel Chains, Cruise Companies, Tourist Boards and several Incoming Agencies in some of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

On behalf of our clients we take care of all activities, from negotiation to recruitment and promotion covering every market segment (e.g. Holiday, Corporate, Groups and Conventions, etc.).
All our services are in accordance with the requirements and instructions of our clients: we offer customized solutions for each particular case.

One of our key attributes is that we deal with all the specialists of each small segment of the market (golf, diving, fishing, adventure tours …) that means we know with which market niches we should concentrate our efforts. We know there are many opportunities to develop a business growth in different segments of the Italian & European market, in which we can become the definitive commercial support for your company both in attracting new customers, as in the strengthening of sales and marketing in general through greater presence in each market.
All our business activities are made to satisfy our clients and to increase sales going deeper in to the market.


1. Conscientiousness
Conscientiousness simply means achievement and dependability. We are goal-oriented, hardworking, persistent, and have high expectations for our Partners – exactly what you want in a GSA. We organize ourselves and recognize what needs to be done in order to achieve the expected goals.

2. Empathy
Empathy is the ability to identify with customers, to feel what you are feeling and make you feel respected. It is more than understanding your concerns from an objective standpoint. We aim to gain trust and establish rapport with you by being on your side. Empathy allows us to clearly demonstrate our interest in providing a proper tailor-made solution.

3. Responsibility
We take care about your interests and success. We care about your mission. We can provide help and guidance with many aspects of your business. We are hungry to be the best we could be for you. We have a strong sense of duty, we feel deeply responsible for the results and most of all, we are reliable.

4. Prior Success
We are continuously measuring our performance in comparison to your goals. You will find a group of persons who listens and identifies with you while keeping focused on set goals, and who is able to translate these goals into solutions for you and your Company. Our goal orientation instinctively drives us to meet with key decision-makers.

5. Passion
We have passion for sales. Moreover, we passionate about your Company’s mission. We have your interests at heart. In many markets around the world business is based on relationships, which takes longer to develop when working with international customers: and we put our relationship at your complete disposal.





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